Personal Homepages

A home page is a personal web page which created by individuals themselves (usually), containing personal information, perhaps about the author himself/herself, or on topics he/she is interested in.


1. How to apply for a Personal Pages Web account?
Click here to create your Personal Pages account.

2. What happens after I have submitted a request to create a new Personal Pages Web account?
Upon successful authentication, you will see a page with information on how to upload your web files to your web account. Your web account will be activated the next working day, and you should receive an email from the webmaster by then. This email contains information on how to login to your web account, including your new web password. Please note that this password is different from your Dial-In password that you have used to create the Personal Pages Web account.

3. How to interpret various Web Server Error messages?
It is important to note down the URL before reporting the error to the webmaster.

Error Message 1

Not Found

The requested object does not exist on this server. The link you followed is either outdated, inaccurate, or the server has been instructed not to let you have it.

This is because the file you want to see does not exist on our web server.

Error Message 2

Server Error

This server has encountered an internal error which prevents it from fulfilling your request. The most likely cause is a misconfiguration. Please ask the administrator to look for messages in the server's error log.

You usually see this message after trying to submit a request on our web page. There can be various reasons that cause the request to fail. It will help webmaster a lot if you can provide information like, what input parameters you have keyed in before clicking on the "Submit" button, when you have encountered the error, URL, etc.

Error Message 3

Create Your Personal Pages Account

Server Unknown Error, please contact webmaster

This error message is different from the previous error message (Error Message 2). This is mostly due to the database not updated properly. You may send an email to notify webmaster of this problem. However, the error can be caused by other reasons too, which is why the error message appears to be very general. Hence, it is very important to provide enough background information when you report the fault to webmaster, so they can rectify the problem quickly.

Error Message 4


Your client is not allowed to access the requested object.

This indicates that your file permissions for your html file is incorrect. Please call helpdesk to reset the file permissions for you.

4. Why do I keep getting "Invalid Password Entered" error whenever I submit a request?
Please note that all Non-toll free users hold more than 1 passwords. Dial-In password, Email password and Web password are 3 separate different passwords residing on different machines. Unless you have changed all 3 passwords to be the same, else you will have to enter the correct password as indicated on the web page.

5. What do you mean by "Userid Not found" error?
This is because the user database has not been updated yet. This process will be done daily, you can wait for the next update to be done before trying to submit a request again. However, if the problem persists after a few days, please email webmaster and report the problem immediately.

6. How to upload my web files to my web account?
The information is provided in the email that was sent to you. The same information was also provided to you after you have successfully submit your request to create a Personal Page Web account. If you have lost your email, you can visit our web page at and search for our Online user guide. Alternatively, you can email or call our helpdesk for more information. Note: Please dial in to SingNet when you need to upload your web files to our web server. ONLY SingNet assigned IP addresses are allowed to connect to the web server.

7. Can I upload my web files to the web server with my Dial-In Password?
No, you cannot. Please login with the password provided in the email that webmaster has sent to you. This email was sent to you after you have created your Personal Page account on our web page. If you have not received the email from the webmaster, please email us.

8. Why can't I upload file to my web account even after following every single steps in the email?
Please check that
- you are uploading your files to
- you are dialing in to SingNet (ONLY SingNet assigned IP addresses are allowed to connect to our web server). Click here for more information
- your DNS is setup correctly, else you can access the web server directly by its IP(
- you have uploaded your files to the public_html in your web account
- you have a file index.html in your public_html directory
- your userid and password are entered correctly
- If you have problem with the password stated in the email sent to you after creating your web account (which is normally caused by mistyped of characters), you can copy and paste the whole string in the password field. You can later change this web password to something that you are more comfortable with here .
- if you have forgotten your web password, please call helpdesk to reset the password for you.

9 . How come I cannot see my web page although I have uploaded my files to my web account?
Make sure you have uploaded your files to the public_html directory in your web account. Also make sure that you have a file within that directory that is named as index.html or index.htm, so that your web page can be accessed by<userid>. If you still have problems, please call helpdesk or email webmaster to check the file permissions for you.
If you still have problems, please call helpdesk or email webmaster to check the file permissions for you.

10. Can I have more than 1 Counter on my web page?
No, you cannot. SingNet only issues One Counter for each user.

11. How to put a Counter on my web page?
Click here for more information.

12. How does the Counter works?
Theoretically, any incoming user who comes to your page will be associated with an IP address. The counter will capture the IP address of the current visitor and count that as one visit. If the next visitor is from a different IP address, the counter will get incremented. However, if the IP address is the same, it will disregard the count.

The problem is this, most of the users in Singapore are going through the proxy servers. So the web server will only see the IP addresses of the proxy servers. There is a very great chance that the first and second visitor to your page is coming from the same proxy server. So it will considered as 1 count even though there were actually 2 visitors. Thus we have disabled the counter IP checking. However the counter will get incremented whenever a visitor visits your page or does a reload.


How come my counter and date display doesn't work?
Please make sure the syntax of your html code is as follows:

Counter: <img src="/cgi-bin/Count.cgi?df=[userid].dat">

Time Clock:  <img src="/cgi-bin/Count.cgi?display=clock">

Date Clock: <img src="/cgi-bin/Count.cgi?display=date">

14. Can I run my own scripts on the web server
No, you cannot. For security reasons, we DO NOT allow our dialup subscribers to run their own CGI/PERL scripts. This is our security policy to protect our SingNet customers. 

15. Why is the Disk Quota indicating that I am using up disk space when I have not uploaded any files to my web account?
There is a public_html directory in your web account. That takes up space, even though you have not put anything inside that directory.

16. What do you mean by ONLY SingNet ip addresses will be allowed to connect to the new web server?
When you dial-in to SingNet modem pool, SingNet IP addresses will be assigned to you automatically. With this IP, you will be allowed to ftp to our web server. You DO NOT need to change any of settings on your PC.

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