Maritime Satellite Innovation Hub

SingTel has teamed up with the Singapore Maritime Academy (SMA) and Globe Wireless to establish SatCom@SMA, a maritime satellite innovation hub. A first in Asia, the centre offers SingTel’s satellite communication facilities and simulates satellite communications between on-board vessels and a shipping company’s offices.

Providing insights into SingTel’s vision on how the maritime industry can work, live and play, SatCom@SMA offers a suite of maritime communication applications for learning and testing. Besides educating the next-generation seafarers on the capabilities of maritime satellite communications, the centre is a valuable platform for SMA to promote the awareness of Maritime Satellite Communication and applications to the industry.

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Distant Learning Solutions

Now, the crew are able to continue their education via long distance learning at sea.


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e-Surveillance Solutions

Made possible with the integration of remote wireless IP video surveillance camera and maritime broadband solution. Thus, providing shipping companies with a real-time view of the ship's operations. Seamless monitoring of the operation via a 3G enabled mobile phone.


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Mail Solutions

with the capabilities to transmit over a small satellite bandwidth or an "alway on" broadband connection.



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Video Conferencing Solution

Allows conferencing regardless of geographical boundaries. Meeting with associates are now possible even while you are travelling by sea.


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Interconnectivity Solution

The interconnectivity solution consists of a suite of optimized routing, managed services and managed security solutions.


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Voice Solutions

Provides the capability for voice communication over the internet to another VoIP user, GSM mobile phone users or fixed line telephone users.


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Navigation & Tracking Solutions
Offering end to end navigation and tracking solutions that enable cost effective vessel tracking between shore and sea.


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Remote Monitoring Solutions

A real time tool to monitor the ship's traffic usage and trends for security and optimize operational planning.


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An idea platform for partners to test their applications "live" through out MVSAT using SingTel co-designed World's first 1.5m C-band Antenna via ST-1 satellite.

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